Traditionally, dental mission trips to Haiti have provided much needed short-term emergency relief, but have failed to supply long-term solutions for consistent comprehensive care. Over 70% of all graduates from the Haitian Dental School leave the country in order to pursue work elsewhere. This is why we are working to lead the paradigm shift in Haiti.

  • Provision of excellent dental care at the hands of highly-trained and skilled Haitian professionals that demonstrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Equipping, empowering, and releasing Haitian Dental Professionals to provide excellent and compassionate dental care in economically sustainable ways, breaking the cycle of poverty and addressing the critical issues of dental health and quality patient care in Haiti.
  • Discipleship of people within their community to become faithful followers of Christ, mobilizing them as servants of the Kingdom Gospel within their community.


Where We're Headed

Our focus on sustainable dentistry demands a long-term development strategy. There is no quick-fix for creating a holistic, sustainable, and indigenous-led program. Through strategic partnerships with leading community development organizations, the Haitian Dental School, and North American dental companies, we are engaged collectively around a shared vision to turn the tide of care in Haiti.


Our plans include:


Establish two fully operational Hope Smiles Dental Centers for world-class dental care that serve as the front-runners of the next generation of dental care in Haiti.


Develop and deploy community-based mobile dental clinics to provide communities surrounding our Hope Smiles Dental Centers with regular access to dental care.


Develop and deploy Community Health Advocate Program in target communities educating community members on oral health, hygiene, and preventative care.


Creating a sustainable indigenous business model that can be replicated by dental professionals across Haiti.


Launch an officially recognized and/or credentialed Hope Smiles Teaching Clinic, private dental school, and/or advanced dental certification program to add recognized and definitive value to Haitian dental practitioners.


Develop and deploy Haitian-centric discipleship interventions to reach, mentor, and care for staff of Hope Smiles Dental Centers, patients, and community members in targeted communities.


Mobilize teams of dental professionals to strategically engage within the work of Hope Smiles Haiti to come alongside Haitian dental professionals to provide comprehensive care, education opportunities, and personal / professional mentorship.

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