Ricky Johnson

"Hope Smiles has made a big difference in my life. I feel like I've got more confidence in myself."

Dan Harding

"Being able to smile again, to look at people, my confidence level is sky high."

Katrina Davidson

"When people like Hope Smiles, that you don't even know, care about you, it makes all the difference."

Leslie Summers

"Now I know what I'm worth and I want everyone to have the feeling I have."

Anika Rogers

I'm smiling and I just can't stop!

Papa Joe Bradford

He is passionate about impacting communities with an unstoppable move of love in action.

Allen Namwase

"It's clear how such a beautiful smile was hidden in fear and a lowered self esteem."

Henry Bukenya

He tells us people don't even recognize him anymore...in a good way!

Genesis Achan

Genesis travels all over Uganda for her work, fighting for kids and their families...and now she does it pain free with a confident smile!

Jackson Bwire

When asked what the work means to him, Jackson told us "it took away my shame."


"I have had tooth problems for many years and I know my front teeth cannot be repaired, but I just want this pain in the back to be fixed."

Mebra Naherya

After fixing the upper front teeth, it brings us joy to see Mebra smiling bigger than she has in years!


Her husband had left her, her community had excluded her, and she was all alone.

Darlene Warrick

Now I can see myself with a beautiful smile after 10 long years.

Gwendolyn Cockrell

But now I really feel like I have my life back since I can smile and really show the joy that I feel inside!