Meet Anne!

Hey everyone! There is SO much happening the past few months, and we are excited to share everything we’ve done and are about to do here in Uganda! Incredible patient stories, news about new clinic space, new employees, new opportunities to share our gifts…it’s all happening! Today I want to introduce a new member of our team  — our operations manager on the ground here in Uganda, Anne Nyachwo. I am thrilled to have her on our team. She is a dedicated, talented, experienced young woman with a BIG heart for service, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to help Hope Smiles journey forward for years to come.


Anne studied at Makerere University in Kampala, graduating in 2006 with an International Business degree. After graduation, she worked from 2006-2010 at Crestanks  Limited, where she was responsible for marketing. Anne then took a position at Bank of Baroda in 2010, where she worked as a Banking assistant until August 2015, when she accepted our offer to become Operations Manager in Uganda for Hope Smiles.

Anne actually has been a patient of ours since we first set up our Jinja clinic in 2013. She also attends my church (Acacia Community Church), where she is a member of the worship team. So I’ve been able to witness her character in action over the course of time. As you can probably tell, I’ve been recruiting her to join our team for awhile now!

The main reason I am thrilled to have her on our team going forward is she understands WHY we do what we do.  With Anne’s permission of course, I’d simply like to share what she has shared with me on why she is excited to serve with us, and where she sees our journey going in the future:

On why she is excited to serve with Hope Smiles:

“I am most excited to have a job that allows me to serve with a purpose. Seeing the work Hope Smiles does in the community, the only limit to what we can do is how much we can love. As a banker, there would be times it was possible to help someone but policies would prevent it. Now, I can help serve our patients to make sure their dental needs are met while speaking into their spiritual lives however they want me to. So many of our patients have so much need, and I want Hope Smiles to be a place where patients can feel safe and loved completely.”

On the future of Hope Smiles:

“We will be a place where we can treat all of the dental needs of our patients regardless of what they can pay. We will continue to train and equip quality Ugandan dentists to serve Ugandans. We want people to be confident in the dental care they are receiving.

We want to connect dentists internationally to serve in Uganda in two ways. First, we want to have these dentists come to our country and share their experience and resources to help train and equip Ugandan dental students and dentists to provide more quality dental care. We want to develop the ability of dentists here in Uganda to serve Ugandans each and everyday! Second, we want to create structured, focused service opportunities to comprehensively serve communities that do not have quality dental care.  Both of  these objectives will help us set up more clinics throughout Uganda, which will allow greater access to dental care for Ugandans while increasing the Ugandan dental workforce.

On her motivation to begin each day:

“I pray to God to find His purpose for my life. Not to focus completely on my position or my circumstances or my security, which can change and can be out of my control. But in finding His purpose I find my peace. And once I’ve pursued his purpose for me, I can do my best to share that peace and comfort with others.”

On how she evaluates herself:

“I ask myself, ‘Did I do my work with the right intentions to the best of my ability?’

Once I’ve done that, I’m learning to trust God more, his transformations in my life and in the lives of others, and his redemptive purposes.”

On what she enjoys most in her free time:

“I love to travel and see new things. My favorite place I’ve been is Fort Portal, which has beautiful crater lakes, wild animals, and crazy colorful birds. My dream place to visit is France.

I’ve seen Sipi Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall here in Uganda. I love the water because it reminds me of God’s greatness. It is peaceful and relaxing and big…but also can be very powerful and dangerous!”

Anything you would like to share with everyone who has supported Hope Smiles and is following our journey here in Uganda?

“Yeah! I am excited for the adventure of being with Hope Smiles for a very long time.

I desire to find my security in God and his promises. I’m learning to love the journey with him more and more every day.”

Gradi Ellis