Hope Smiles + J/P HRO: A Dental Health Partnership for Haiti

Hope Smiles is proud to announce a newly-formed strategic partnership with J/P HRO to provide increased access to dental services in Haiti.

We are thrilled to partner together to continue equipping and empowering Haitian dental professionals with skills, opportunity, and capacity to deliver quality and compassionate care.

J/P HRO is one of the leading community health and medical service providers for residents of Delmas 32, a densely populated neighborhood of approximately 90,000 people, as well as nearby communities in the Port-au-Prince area. They are saving lives daily and improving community health among an underserved population, where healthcare is often beyond financial reach for many. Recognizing that oral health is intrinsically linked to overall health, J/P HRO’s dental clinic has become an integral part of the holistic health services they provide. The sustained delivery of high quality dental care is critical to their mission of providing services to enhance the long-term health and well-being of the Haitian people.

Hope Smiles’ sustainable model of dentistry has three indispensable components: establishment of a dental center that provides ongoing comprehensive care, mobile full-service dental clinics that dispense emergency and acute treatment to those in even the most remote regions, and community education initiatives aimed to empower the community with knowledge and practical tools regarding oral health and hygiene.

In partnership with J/P HRO, we are poised to provide these crucial programs and services while also consistently delivering vital training programs to assure the continued development of Haitian dental professionals. Equipping them with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and necessary technology enhances the quality, variety, and accessibility of dental services within Haiti. We are currently developing advanced training programs in restorative dentistry including complex restorative cases, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, advanced endodontic treatment, and orthodontic services.

With a shared commitment to empower Haitians to lead the charge for transformation in Haiti, our partnership with J/P HRO multiplies the impact of our efforts. Together, we aim to shift the oral health of the nation by investing in Haiti’s most valuable resource: its people.

Gradi Ellis