Redefining Haitian Dental Care


What if we could positively change culture through the transformation of individual lives? What if we could define the new normal of dental care for an entire country? What if we could shape the oral health of a growing nation?

Seemingly insurmountable ideas such as these are the bedrock of the vision of Hope Smiles for places like Haiti. Our goal in stepping into Haiti was never to maintain the status quo, but rather to change it. We, along with Haitian dental professionals, believed that we could help create a new day of oral health and dental care in Haiti.

It is quite remarkable to now be on the front edge of seeing those dreams and lofty goals slowly becoming a reality!

Earlier this month, we introduced root canal therapy (anterior endodontics) as a new service at both Hope Smiles Dental Centers in Haiti. Thanks to our partnership with Dentsply Sirona / Tulsa Dental Systems, we were able to bring the WaveOne Gold root canal treatment system into Haiti, a system that is widely used in dental practices across the United States. We were able to not only introduce new treatment options, but also provide hands-on training to our Hope Smiles Haiti dental professionals so they are equipped and empowered to deliver world-class care to their patients.

Historically, root canal treatment to save teeth that have become infected or have experienced trauma has only been available to the highest class within Haiti for an exorbitantly high price — making it inaccessible to those who typically need it most. We are so excited to see that reality begin to change!

A special thanks to the incredible team members from Buda Dental Professionals and Village Smile Care for being a part of the team that launched this effort in Haiti while also advancing the ongoing work at the Hope Smiles Dental Centers at Mission of Hope and J/P HRO.

Gradi Ellis