Smile's For Days

You know what? For all our differences, people are generally the same all over the world. We share the same hopes, dreams, and fears. We all want to feel like we belong; we want to be loved and accepted. We all want to look our best, regardless of our economic status or geographical location. 

One of the things we are most passionate about is changing the status quo when it comes to dental care. One significant way we are doing that is by making orthodontic treatment available at our dental centers in Haiti — a service which historically hasn’t been readily accessible or affordable within the nation. 


Angela is our very first orthodontic patient in Haiti. She is twenty-two years old, and spent her life avoiding smiling. She was ashamed to let people see her teeth because they were so crooked. She never imagined there would be a solution, and had resigned herself to a smile-less future. 

And then she discovered Hope Smiles. She is now thrilled to be the first person in Haiti to be fitted with braces at our clinic! Look at that beautiful smile on her face! Imagine the world being robbed of that radiant glow… 


Fifteen-year-old Louis, from Port Au Prince, came to the Hope Smiles clinic for orthodontic treatment. “Kids at school tease me about my teeth,” he said, looking down at his hands, embarrassed to make eye contact. “I hate to smile and laugh.”

We all know that words hurt, and that kids can be cruel. This young man has clearly been teased relentlessly. But he came through the doors of our dental center seeking hope, and hope is what he found. His orthodontic treatment has just started, but already Louis is feeling more hopeful. He believes the help we’re providing will give him confidence to laugh and smile again. 

There’s more to come in both these stories of transformation, and we look forward to keeping you updated on Angela and Louis in the months ahead!

Gradi Ellis