What's Fun Got To Do With It?

Our team considers fun to be one of the values that drives our work and sustains our vision. 

You see, we think it’s fun to come together with our individual talents to collectively transform the world. We want to commit our lives towards something difficult, something that makes us live each day outside of our comfort zone. We want to become more acquainted with our need for God. We want to depend on Him, discovering new heights and depths and widths of His love and mercy as we seek to offer the gifts He has given us to build His kingdom. That’s what we are after. We have seen how providing quality, compassionate dental care can transform lives. We believe our team at Hope Smiles can play our small role in building the Kingdom of God through chasing after that vision.

As we chase after our vision, we not only see the lives of our patients transformed. Throughout the journey we see our own hearts are transformed as well. We struggle, we discover new weaknesses, we repent, we succeed, we fall and get back up, and, above all, we see God sustaining us. We feel Him shaping us through our trials. We feel unspeakable joy in the victories He gives us. We shake our heads in wonder at His sovereignty as we see our growth through the years.

It’s fun to know our Creator. It’s how we were designed. He sustains us along the journey. He drives us to develop our talents. We find that effort and excellence follow naturally when we discover it’s not about us…it’s about Him. Our work transforms from a chore to joy. We find satisfaction in our toil. It never gets easy, but it always remains good.

Gradi Ellis