Keep Making Music Amidst the Noise

All of us want to leave our mark on the world. We want to know the world we leave behind is better because we loved God, loved others, and developed our resources to the utmost. We want to make music out of the noise that surrounds our day to day. Sure, the noise is always there. But we know there is better way. We strive to rise above the noise.


Here in Uganda, we are able to make music in the lives of our patients because you
allow us to. Your support of Hope Smiles not only tangibly
transforms lives…it saves lives.

Join us!

The nurse at our outreach site on Monday told us 2 people have died because of
dental infections this year. Quality, compassionate dental care delivered in innovative
ways is a matter of life and death in under-resourced nations.


And the crazy thing is, we are the solution. Your financial support speaks music into the lives of thousands of Ugandans in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

You are doing that.

Together, we believe we are starting something that will change the face of dental care not only in Uganda,
but throughout the planet.

We will do it one day at a time, speaking music into the life of one patient at a time.

We are excited to being to share the stories of the lives you have changed here in Uganda. Stay tuned. Spread the word.

And keep making music amidst the noise.

Gradi Ellis