A Global Movement

Our team here in Uganda is able to make quality, compassionate dental care that transforms lives accessible because of our larger team all around the planet. If you are receiving this and feel like what you do doesn’t matter…don’t believe it. Your support allows Hope Smiles to exist, and your support has definitively transformed lives here in Uganda in ways that would not have been possible without you. No matter what else is going on in your life, know that through your financial support of Hope Smiles in Uganda you have left a definitive mark on the planet Earth.

You have started an organization that provides quality employment for 15 Ugandans — enabling them to go out and transform the lives of their brothers and sisters.


You have transformed the smiles of thousands throughout Uganda — through quality, compassionate dental care and education. The overwhelming majority of our patients would not have access to quality, compassionate dental care if you did not start Hope Smiles here in Uganda.

You have started a movement. Visiting dentists no longer simply come and extract teeth for a week when they serve in an under resourced nation. Now experts like Dr. Anil Idiculla, Dr. Sheldon Salins, and Dr. Natasha Bramley all come to Uganda to share their individual talents, resources and areas of expertise with our team here — so Ugandan doctors can provide more a more complete skill set to the communities we serve.


As we enter the final weeks of 2016, we are grateful to be able to share all of the incredible transformation you have initiated! Consider this the introduction to a book that you have written through your support of Hope Smiles. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired as we unveil these stories…as we move forward together into 2017!

Gradi Ellis