Saving the Day!

Meet our new friends Gloria and Jonathan.


Just yesterday, Jonathan was in an accident while riding a motorcycle taxi in Uganda. The crash, as well as the subsequent slide across gravel, caused a significant gash in his forehead.

It also fractured two of his front teeth.


An accident like this is frightening and awful no matter when it happens. For Jonathan, though, the timing compounded things exponentially.

You see…. He and Gloria are getting married on Saturday.

As you might imagine, they were a bit panicked about what this might mean for their wedding day (and, of course, for the photographs, which would capture their faces forever). Thankfully, Jonathan’s friend told him about Hope Smiles. After getting his forehead stitched up, he came into our clinic to seek assistance.

Much to his surprise, we were able to repair his teeth right away and rescue his smile for his wedding day!

He was so relieved and grateful, but (let’s be honest) I’m pretty sure Gloria is the one who’s feeling the most relieved right now! 

Congratulations to the happy couple! May their marriage be continually filled with these kinds of unexpected joys and timely miracles!

We feel beyond thankful to be able provide access to quality, compassionate dental care that transforms lives… and (sometimes) even gets to save the day!

Gradi Ellis