Special visitors and podcast!

2018 has been a joy-filled year here at Hope Smiles.

October gave us one of those joy-filled highlights when we hosted Dr. Lance and Luke Miller at our Uganda branch. Dr. Lance is an orthodontist in Keene, New Hampshire at Keene Orthodontic Specialists, while Luke is applying to dental school. Dr. Lance and Luke were only in Uganda for a week, but their impact will be felt for years to come!

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Why, you ask? The Keene, New Hampshire community gave our team in Uganda the gift of consistent power! Led by Dr. Lance, the Keene community raised the money for us to purchase a 20kVa backup generator – ending the daily interruptions and frustrations we dealt with for YEARS because of unreliable and unstable power in Uganda. The consistent backup power Dr. Lance and his community blessed us with allows us to confidently restore hope and transform lives with confidence – no more worries about treatment interruptions! 

Dr. Lance also shared his orthodontic expertise with our Ugandan doctors – Dr. Hussien and Dr. Enock. Dr. Lance’s experience and expertise, like those of other specialists, has increased the capacity of our team to restore hope and transform lives through orthodontics!


Yet ANOTHER gift Dr. Lance gave us was his hosting Dr. Ryan to share the Hope Smiles story on the Elevate Orthodontics Podcast! Together, we are awakening hearts and building a global community of leaders to restore hope and transform lives through dentistry

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If you haven’t already, download and listen to Dr. Lance’s interview with Dr. Ryan! You will learn:

  • How God led Dr. Ryan to serve in Uganda

  • The difference in relief work vs. development work

  • What is the Hope Smiles clinical model? How does it work and why does it matter?

  • What is a “mobile dental home” and why does it matter?

  • Why leadership is at the center of everything we do – and how it can transform YOUR life starting today.

  • What it means to be a values/vision driven team.

  • How YOU can restore hope and transform lives through the Hope Transforms campaign as we close 2018 and start 2019.

Ryan Shinska