Meet Gorreti!

Together, we are building a global community of leaders who are awakening hearts, restoring hope and transforming lives through dentistry. 

This is the community you are a part of with Hope Smiles.


 Today we want to introduce you to Gorreti, one of the leaders within our of the leaders YOU have empowered.

 Gorreti started at Hope Smiles Uganda as a dental assistant in 2015. She studied social work in University, and was looking for an opportunity to use her skills through meaningful work.

After joining the Hope Smiles team, her passion for God and her commitment to glorifying God through her work radiated from her right away.

 Too often talented, compassionate, ambitious women like Gorreti do not have the opportunity to showcase their God given gifts. Thanks to YOU, Gorreti found her opportunity with Hope Smiles.

 How has Gorreti impacted her community? She developed what we call the Hope Smiles Ambassador program. This program identifies, empowers, and trains local leaders in remote communities to serve as oral health ambassadors: dispelling dangerous myths, teaching proper oral health habits, connecting daily habits to improved quality of life, and mobilizing communities as the Hope Smiles mobile outreach team serves in their community.

 Gorreti is one of those people whose love for God cannot be contained. She doesn’t keep it to herself. She strives each day to develop her gifts to love others, to lift them up. She will sweat, struggle, and push and trust God with the rest. She is not looking to use her gifts to make herself comfortable. She sacrifices to bring light and love into the lives of others.

 This is obvious to everyone she meets along her path. One of those people who she met in  2018 was Dr. Joe Geleris, a dentist from California who served with Hope Smiles at one of our mobile outreaches in March. Dr. Geleris worked alongside Gorreti for an entire week, and he noticed her gifts and passion right away!

 Dr. Geleris was so impressed with Gorreti that he asked her if she ever considered becoming a dentist!

 Four months later, Gorreti started dental school! She just finished her first semester on December 13.

 This is what Hope Smiles is all about. Connecting a leader like Dr. Geleris with a leader like Gorreti. God takes care of the rest.

 This is the community YOU are a part of!

 Take it from Gorreti herself:

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Ryan Shinska