4th Quarter time!

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2019, it’s time to share the impact YOU have created here in Uganda. It’s been another year filled with growth, struggle, and transformation.

 And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Here in Uganda, our daily focus is simple. We seek to know God and receive new depths of His love and light each day.  We are honest with ourselves and allow His love to transform us. Then we go and use the opportunities and gifts He has given us to speak light and hope into the darkness and chaos of lives wrecked by untreated dental disease.

 We do this together, and we do it by empowering talented, passionate LOCAL leaders who impact sustainable transformation through our simple, effective, and innovative clinical model.

 Every day YOU are empowering Dr. Grace and Dr. Susan to direct our revolutionary outreach program.


16,114 Ugandans who otherwise would not know the transformation that comes with quality, compassionate dental care now have a Mobile Dental Home through the Hope Smiles mobile outreach program. Dr. Grace and Dr. Susan lead this charge daily, so YOU are making an impact on multiple fronts through the Hope Smiles team!


We are also incredibly grateful for our partners around the world who have established their own Partner Outreach Sites here in Uganda! Dr. Steven Alexander (NY, USA), Dr. Michael Flint (TX, USA), and Dr. Rainer Bliefert (Switzerland) have all partnered with the Hope Smiles Uganda team and started their own Remote Branches in Uganda! Their partnership empowers Dr. Grace and Dr. Susan to transform lives through quality, compassionate dental care in previously unreached communities.

 They are bringing hope and peace into lives once filled with pain and shame!

 We also had our first Hope Smiles scholarship recipient graduate from Public Health Dental Officer School! Winnie Abago worked on our team as an assistant for 2 years, where she witnessed first-hand the power quality, compassionate dental care offers previously unreached communities. She developed a passion in her heart to attend dental school, and YOU made it possible for her. Winnie graduated TOP of her class and now transforms lives each day on the Hope Smiles team!

 She is a leader living from a fully awakened heart, seeking to share her gifts to transform lives that otherwise would not have access to dental care!

 We are also THRILLED to report two former Hope Smiles team members who became Hope Smiles scholarship recipients have finished their first year of Public Health Dental Officer School…and are near the top of their class! Both Gorreti and Charles are the next generation of Hope Smiles leaders!


The team you have empowered at the Dental Center continues to serve as pioneers of transformational dental care in Jinja district. Over 27,000 patients have been served over the last 6 years! And while the numbers are nice, the stories of the lives you empower us to transform keep us pushing:


 Without YOU, Joseph would not know the freedom and joy his life is now filled with. It really is that simple.

 Yet there is so much more we can do. Uganda’s population is around 43 million people, yet only has 200 dentists. We KNOW our work is simple, effective, and replicable. We know LOCAL leaders possess the talent and passion to lead the way. They just need the opportunity to do so!

 So as we enter the 4th quarter of 2019, we have big picture goals:

  1. Replicate in other cities around Uganda without access to quality, compassionate dental care. Gulu, Mbarara, and Mbale are tops on our list!

  2.  Purchase land and build our own dental school, where local leaders are empowered to connect their head and hands to their heart, transforming lives all over Uganda in the process!

  3. Expand our Mobile Partnership program. If YOU want to create your own Partner clinic here in Uganda, let us know!

 We’ve been working tirelessly for over 6 years. And we are just getting started. Together, we KNOW we are developing a GLOBAL community of leaders living from awakened hearts as we restore hope through dentistry.

 The best is yet to come!

 -Dr. Ryan

Ryan Shinska