LOVE -- Hope Smiles team members are continually seeking to understand God's love as revealed to us through Jesus more fully. This is love with a particular form and shape. This is self-giving love -- not self-seeking love. This is love in action, seeking to share the gifts, talents, and opportunities we have with the world around us. This love will sacrifice for the good of others. This love will NOT put other people at disadvantage so we can rest comfortably. Our challenge is constant yet simple: How can I love the person in front of me?


EXCELLENCE -- Hope Smiles team members want to be the best. No one should work harder than us, no one should study harder than us, and no one should treat people better than us. We want to do great work in service of God. We recognize our gifts are meant to be developed, and this is what fueld our focus each day -- each breath we take is saturated in significance as we develop the talents God has given us. Eventually God will set all things right. Today, pursuing excellence means we need to do everything we can to love, learn and improve.

HUMILITY -- Team members at Hope Smiles recognize and assert a fairly revolutionary idea -- life is not about me. Life is about God and other people. In pursuing that life, we find significance and meaning. Humility allows us to simply enjoy our journey together as we strive to transform lives through quality, compassionate dental care. If we loving people well, everything will work out for us. If we put ourselves before other people, we will fail at Hope Smiles.

COURAGE -- Our mission is simply, but not easy. Engaging new cultures and entering into the pain of the world around us will make us uncomfortable. Hope Smiles team members and partners willingly enter into the pain of the world and speak peace and healing into the lives of people who otherwise would not receive it. It would be easier to do what has always been done. Courage demands we tell a different, better story when it would be easier to ignore the pain and suffering of the world.

INNOVATION -- Transforming lives through quality, compassionate dental care in previously unreached areas of the world means we have to think differently. Hope Smiles team members are practical visionaries who can look at problems with fresh eyes, develop solutions elevating quality of life for entire communities, and empower others to execute those solutions alongside them.