Hope Smiles: Haiti

Traditionally, dental mission trips to Haiti have provided much needed short-term emergency relief, but have failed to supply long-term solutions for consistent comprehensive care. Over 70% of all graduates from the Haitian Dental School leave the country in order to pursue work elsewhere. This is why we are working to lead the paradigm shift in Haiti.

The Hope Smiles solution to these problems is our Clinical Model, which accomplishes the following objectives:

  1. Creates sustainability through the implementation of a self-funding business model, breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence on aid after the initial investment.

  2. Equips and empowers Haitian dental professionals as the leaders of the Clinical Model in providing quality, compassionate, sustainable dental care that restores hope throughout Haiti.

  3. Transforms the lives of patients and communities physically, economically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Clinical Model is a Haitian led. We are acutely focused on mobilizing Haitians as skilled professionals who lead the paradigm shift within dental care and oral health in their own country. We, as dental professionals from resource-rich nations, are to catalyze and continue to help drive the work, but Haitian leadership own the Clinical Model. Over time, this Clinical Model provides the ability to create sustainable, full-time clinics staffed entirely by Haitian dentists!

Haiti Impact:

The below impact numbers are year to date since 2017