The Hope Smiles

Partnering with Hope Smiles not only gives you a pathway to share your talents around the world — you are joining a community transforming the delivery of dental care in unreached communities worldwide.


Empower talented local dental professionals in under-resourced nations to make a generational impact within their communities through focused clinical and leadership training.



Connect innovative, action-oriented dental professionals looking for a calling greater than themselves to these international, locally-led clinics in under-resourced nations.



Watch the lives of everyone involved -- dental professionals in resource rich nations, dentists in under-resourced nations, patients worldwide, and financial partners planting the seeds for development -- transform through the delivery of quality, compassionate dental care.


What's it like?
Volunteering with Hope Smiles


"After completing my pediatric dental residency in 2015 I knew that I wanted to take time out to use these skills to give back. I had been going on dental volunteer trips on a yearly basis, but I felt I should be doing more.  I thought one trip a quarter would be a good goal, but for the past 3 years I have averaged about 6 trips a year.  Every location and group has been unique and I have learned about different cultures and even more about myself. This past summer I was invited on a trip to Uganda.  I have family roots in East Africa and I knew this was a trip I needed to take. Hope Smiles is an organization I had volunteered with back home in Texas a few times and I had heard great things about their work in Uganda so I really wanted to see what it was all about. I must say that it was pretty eye opening. Going on short-term trips I have always struggled with how much impact I could make.  What is the sustainability? Why not just send money to support the local people? 

Summer 2018 Global Dental Serve Trip

Summer 2018 Global Dental Serve Trip

As dentists we possess skills that just aren’t available in most areas of the world. The systems put in place with Hope Smiles are unlike any other organization I have been involved with. They are investing in the local community in a way that truly is sustainable and helpful with the local people. Getting to meet the wonderful team they have formed in Uganda was a blessing. The pride the team had in the work they were doing was very evident. They are investing in their office staff and assistants to become the leaders and the dentists of tomorrow. It is a grassroots campaign to lift people out of what might otherwise be a hopeless situation. The fact that we can come in as western trained dentists and work alongside their group to provide support in outreach along with teaching different techniques makes a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone.

I believe they are creating a model that can be reproduced in any part of the world. The leadership and training they have provided their staff has created such a positive office culture. I think every office in the US would love to achieve that unity. I think what I gained on that trip far exceeded what I was able to provide."

-Dr. Roberto Loar, Pediatric Dentist; Texas