Building a global team of visionary leaders is critical to the mission of Hope Smiles. After listening to the struggles of so many talented clinicians, we realized an essential truth -- Intentionally teaching leadership skills is the path to fully unlocking the talents of dentists worldwide.


Courageous, big-hearted visionary leaders will grow into outstanding clinicians transforming lives worldwide. This is why the Hope Smiles Leadership Development Center exists: To build a global team with alignment of heart, mind, hands, and soul pouring their lives into a calling much larger than any of us.



Launching summer 2020 in Nashville, the Hope Smiles Leadership Development Center will train a new generation of visionary leaders within the dental profession. World-class clinical instructors will share their talents as the Hope Smiles team intentionally teaches our field-tested leadership curriculum to prepare practical visionaries to change the world!


Completing this program will give you the tools to LEAD a clinic from the heart. You will be prepared to continue your career and change the world wherever you feel called -- in a private practice in health center in America...or a Hope Smiles clinic in Haiti or Uganda! This is a one year program leading to a lifetime of impact!

Email if you are interested.

Stay tuned to this space for application details!