Partners In Hope

Leadership is a never-ending journey filled with elation, despair and everything in between. Our Partners in Hope initiative will enhance your leadership repertoire as you build dynamic, world-changing teams. Partners in Hope become part of a global community of leaders intent on using dentistry as a vehicle to transform lives worldwide.

Your annual financial partnership unlocks the following features:


Monthly Leadership Modules:

Leadership is challenging. We know that you are a leader, we know you want to develop leaders. You’re busy. We’ve been there, on the ground in Uganda building a dynamic team full of leaders from scratch. We want to share the universal leadership principles we use each day with you...helping you build a team full of leaders who develop leaders who develop more leaders, all passionate about a common vision.


Partner With Global Outreach Clinic:

You will be partnered with a specific Hope Smiles mobile outreach site in Uganda or Haiti. This partnership is focused on development of quality, compassionate dental care in a previously unreached area...not short-term relief. Your partnership will include quarterly treatment reports from the Ugandan and Haitian Hope Smiles teams you are helping to empower through your partnership. The local Ugandan and Haitian Hope Smiles teams will also tell you real-life stories of patient transformation as they take place. Consistent correspondence from the lead Dentist of the outreach site in Uganda or Haiti will open new horizons for you in leadership as they do they same for you. 


Global Dental Serve Trip:

Only Partners in Hope are certified to organize and lead a dental team on a Hope Smiles Global Dental Serve Trip. Organize your team and plan to serve at your partner Hope Smiles Global Outreach Clinic in Uganda or Haiti. Train your team culturally, clinically, and spiritually as you head out to serve alongside Hope Smiles teams on the ground. You will witness first-hand the transformation communities experience as they gain access to quality, compassionate dental care led well. Watch the lives of everyone involved -- your team, Hope Smiles Uganda and Haiti teams, and entire communities -- transform together.


Partners in Hope Community:

Interact with other big-hearted, visionary dental professionals in our global network! Share stories, experiences, and ideas as you venture into the world and create generational transformation. Learn from other dental professionals just like you! Find inspiration that will carry over to your daily clinical practice — whether you find yourself in your hometown or in remote areas of Uganda or Haiti!


In-Office Partners in Hope Displays:

Show your patients the heart behind your clinic through Hope Smiles branded professional displays showcasing the transformation you are creating in Haiti and Uganda. Stories of transformation and impact will add a sense of meaning to each patient walking into your office. You are leading your community into a larger, more beautiful story.

The Future is Bright!

Partners in Hope is set to launch Spring 2019. We are excited to share the continued development of this program with you! Stay tuned for lots of updates along the way!