We exist to awaken YOUR heart and mobilize a global community of empowered leaders to restore hope and transform lives through dentistry.


Understand the Problem:

1. Billions of people worldwide live without HOPE due to intense pain and a shattered self-image from untreated dental disease with no access to quality, compassionate dental care.

2. Many dental professionals worldwide sense something missing from their lives and are looking for a calling to pour their lives into and lead real transformation.


The Solution:

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You can restore hope worldwide through the revolutionary Hope Smiles clinical model!

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Training the next generation of fearless dental leaders to reach billions of people globally. Will you be next?


HOPE is the solution.

Hope Smiles restores HOPE to patients and dental professionals
alike by matching talents with needs.

Friends of Hope Smiles:

Our work isn't only about teeth—it's about hearts. It is about transformation that restores hope. Most of all, it is about awakening hearts. Each person we have the privilege of treating has a story that matters. Together, we bring hope and peace to lives filled with pain and suffering!

You can create more stories just like these!

Without Hope Smiles, I would be very sad. I used to avoid spending time with people because I didn’t want them to see my teeth. I’m a happy person, but I was afraid to smile.

Now I can be myself again and smile freely! My smile brings joy to my heart. It also lets me encourage other people to care for their teeth too.”
— Mary, Hope Smiles Uganda Patient

There have been some tough times but then you get up and God has removed that dirt in you. I am thankful for Hope Smiles. I can now speak with confidence and sureness that my teeth will not fall out my mouth.
— Katrina, Hope Smiles USA Patient

I am a teacher and I always felt shame because of my teeth. Now that shame has been removed and I teach with freedom and confidence!
— Dorila, Hope Smiles Haiti Patient

During the summer of 2018, I served at the Hope Smiles Clinic in Jinja, Uganda and also at an outreach in a nearby village. Working alongside members of the team there was amazing. They are creating systems that are innovative, effective, and educational while helping those in need of dental care. I was truly blown away by the professionalism and compassion the team showed while treating patients.
— Suzanne, Hope Smiles Global Dental Serve Volunteer

Follow along as the Hope Smiles team transforms lives daily.




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#HopeTransforms Campaign

To close 2018, Hope Smiles is looking for 250 big-hearted visionaries worldwide to transform lives through dentistry by donating or raising $1000!



Want to see the Hope Smiles clinical model up close? Come work alongside our teams in Haiti and Uganda in 2019!


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